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Date Conference Location Participation

We are actively planning our next appearances… In the meantime, check below to see where we've been!

Past Events:

Date Conference Location Participation
July 9-11, 2013 Semicon West San Francisco  
September 24, 2012 27th EU PVSEC Frankfurt, Germany

Poster: 2AV.5.14: Pre-Diffusion Clean Optimization for High-Volume Manufacturing of Multi-Crystalline Solar Cells

Poster: 2AV.5.15: Investigation of Biodegradable Texturing Chemistries for Crystalline Si

July 10-12, 2012 Semicon West San Francisco Exhibiting: Booth 1024 South Bldg & Booth 6357 North Bldg
October 10, 2011 Fall Electrochemical Society Semiconductor Cleaning Symposium Boston Presenting: Paper E7-2037: Surface Contamination Removal From Si PV Substrates Using A Biodegradable Chelating Agent and Detection of Cleaning Endpoints Using UV/VIS Fluorescence Spectroscopy
September 7, 2011 26th EU PVSEC Hamburg

Presenting: 2CO.16.06: Optical Spectroscopy of Chelated Trace Metals for Wet Cleaning Process Control and Optimization

Poster: 2CV.2.9: Removal of Trace Metals Using a Biodegradable Complexing Agent

July 14-17, 2011 Semicon West / Intersolar San Francisco Exhibiting: Booth 2629 South Bldg & Booth 5787 North Bldg