Sunsonix Publishes Lead Article in Photovoltaics International

Posted by Sunsonix - August 1, 2011 - Conferences, Press Releases, Publications - No Comments

Sunsonix has published a lead article in the second quarter issue of Photovoltaics International. For this article, entitled “Removal of Trace Metals using a Biodegradable Complexing Agent”, Sunsonix partnered with Evans Analytic Group (EAG), the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE) and Werner Kern Associates to present the results of three years of development of Sunsonix SX-E™ chemistry to solve the not well understood wafer cleaning issues in crystalline Silicon photovoltaic cell and wafer manufacturing.

Through this work, Sunsonix and EAG developed a surface analytical technique that revealed levels of copper contamination in solar prime wafer stock not previously known. ISE reported the metal loading in representative substrate cleaning bath chemistries and the equilibrium surface contamination of transition metals. Sunsonix reports on the ability of SX-E™ chemistry to complex the metals in these baths, prevent their condensation on the wafer surface and show efficiency improvements up to 0.3% absolute for c/mc-Si PV substrates.

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